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Our Manufacturing Systems are organized for maximum flexibility and very short turn around times which prevalent in current competitive environment. It has been designed to meet the demanding production needs of a diverse electronics industry.

Our services from design to manufacturing will deliver with unsurpassed quality and support to customerís products.

We are one-stop electronics manufacturing that provides customized solutions to all our client needs at reasonable prices. With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we design and fabricate high quality of electronics products.

We have achieved ISO9001-2000 Quality Certificate by TUV.
Certificate Number 01100075817

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To gain customers loyalty by supplying superb quality and services.

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To be one of sucessful growing PCB manufacturing company in South-East Asia region.

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To be a preferred supplier for the customers and a profitable bussiness unit for the shareholders.

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Our value customers are as follows:
- A leading Automotive alarm system company (Singapore)
- A well known Phone display company (Singapore)
- Guest Room Control panel company (Singapore)
- Few other reputated companies who are dealing with medical devices, audio, industry machinery,
   test equipment. (South East Asia & Asia Pacific)

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